Spring 2013


Dear Friends,

2013 has already been incredibly active and the last few months have really flown by.  We have been fortunate to have had many great violins come through our shop this year, and are very happy to have found new homes for several Stradivari and del Gesu violins. Equally rewarding has been assisting musicians to acquire their dream instruments by Gagliano and Guadagnini.  Understandably we are actively looking for new consignments and acquisitions. 

For years we have enjoyed working with contemporary American violin maker, James (Jim) McKean. Most recently, Jim made a five stringed cello in collaboration with Carter Brey for his performance of Bach’s Complete Cello Suites at Holy Trinity on March 27th and April 1st. This marathon performance was certainly one of the most enjoyable concerts of the season. If you are interested in learning more about the Bach Suites project, Jim has written about its development and his process making this cello: “Carter Brey: The Bach Suites.”   You may/not know that Jim is also a published writer. His most recent book, Between the Notes: Making Art’s Cello (released in late 2012), is a personal account of violin making, written with reference to the cello that Jim made with Guy Rabut, and which they later donated to Juilliard, in memory of their good friend and colleague, Arthur (Art) Toman.

We have been so pleased by the popularity of our resident bowmaker’s bows, which are included in the RVNY collection. Ron Forrester’s bows have so consistently impressed musicians at every level that they have been sought out by musicians and collectors alike. It is not surprising that Ron has been unable to keep up with the orders.

Violin by J.B. Vuillaume currently available

The workshop continues to be very busy. Apart from the normal maintenance of instruments, there have been several major restorations due to avoidable accidents. Too many of these have been caused by unattended cello cases left standing upright – a split-second accident resulting in months of restoration. However, when problems occur we are here to help. We would advise you to call ahead for appointments and we will do everything possible to accommodate your needs.

As dealers and restorers of rare violins, we have seen a fair share of instruments in stunning condition, despite their age and the number of hands they have passed through over the years. We have also seen young and old instruments that have experienced a sad amount of neglect, serving as reminders that a healthy and reliable instrument is a better playing instrument. With this in mind, we were very happy to speak about violin maintenance and sponsorship to Ray Iwazumi’s violin seminar at Juilliard in January.

In the last few months we have enjoyed meeting many musicians who are new to RVNY, travelling to us from within the United States and abroad. Notably, we welcomed new customers from Finland, Iceland and Costa Rica for the first time, and Australia was particularly well represented.  In February we were very happy to see our friend Robert McDuffie, who introduced our workshop to several of his students from the Robert McDuffie Center for Strings at Mercer University. That evening we enjoyed hearing them play at Le Poisson Rouge for the gala performance in celebration of the Rome Chamber Music Festival.

Hoping to see you soon,

Bruno Price and Ziv Arazi,